Spiritual Journeys  - COMING SOON !!


SPIRITUAL-JOURNEYS.ORG was founded to meet the needs of those who don't quite fit the mainstream traditional Religions and their accompanying dogma.  Created by individuals who believe that there is more to the spirit than what was written in a book that is over 2000 years old.  We believe there is more to fulfilling our destiny than can be contained in one book that limits our spiritual growth.  We honor the Bible and believe it is the inspired word of God, however, we also believe WE ARE ALL ONE and  draw from other Holy Literature such as the Torah, Qur'ran, Gnostic Bible, The Bhagavad- Gita and the knowledge of Native Americans and Earth Based Religions.  

We are Metaphysical  

We are Spiritualist  

We are Spiritist 

We are ONE 

Together, We CAN Make This World A Better Place!!

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